Content Guidelines


Please review the guidelines carefully and once you have read each one of them use the link at the bottom of this page to return to the previous page to fill out the form. We will then set up your section and will regularly post your articles 2 times per month.The team will be called Rapid Time News Contributors, abbreviated as RTN.

  • Contributors will be defined as participant bloggers who have been invited to participate and agreed to the guidelines.
  • Contributors will use their real names.
  • Contributors may contribute editorial blog content, photos, or video to communicate observations, opinions, and experiences as they apply to small business owners
  • Contributors will be required to agree to the RTN Guidelines and Blog Code of Engagement Social Media Policy and Guidelines:
  • Treat every action as if it will be recorded for eternity.
  • Talk about what you know.
  • Get engaged.
  • Respect digital rights

Give credit where credit is due. Don’t steal images, no matter how tempting. Images on Flickr or those obtained through Google Images are almost always somebody else’s property. If you think you’ll want to post photos from the places you’ll be blogging from, bring your own camera.

Always attribute content to their original source. If you’re repeating someone else’s words you must include who said it, where and when. If you came up with something really witty on your own, give yourself credit – it’s only fair.

Credit outside sources. If you use a fact, be sure to mention where it came from. Ideally, include a link to the official source or website. If that fact is wrong we want to be protected. We also don’t want to pretend we have inside information we don’t have.

  • No spam.

Bloggers are opinionated, but their feelings and opinions must be backed up by facts. It’s not just for legal reasons, it also makes for a better argument when writers use concrete examples to illustrate their opinions. The old newspaper adage, “Show, don’t tell” applies well here.
Libel hurts. Anything written about a person or corporation that can’t be verified and proven to be true can get RTN and the blogger in expensive legal trouble. It’s not enough to say someone else claimed Jebediah stole from Jehosephat – you have to prove it.

Do not use profanity. If the Jeremiah calls Josephine a really bad name, we can justify publishing that, but any gratuitous profanity just alienates people and makes us look unprofessional.

  • This is not a video game.
  • Be sociable.
  • Be open to all feedback.
  • Be Nice.

Spell-check. It only takes a couple of minutes and it makes you look so much better. Also, watch out for American spelling, e.g., favour vs. favor, travelling vs. traveling and licence vs. license.

  • Contributors email content to RTN News Editor in Chief (lorne.havisto@rapidtimenetworks.com).
  • Contributors who have agreed to the guidelines grant RTN 48 hour exclusivity on all digital content. RTN reserves the right to post on blogs, websites, digital media, newsletters and newspapers.
  • RTN reserves the right to accept or reject content. Content which is objectionable or contrary to our guidelines will be rejected.
  • RTN reserves the right to verify content prior to posting.
  • Links to blogs will be acceptable. Links to commercial sites will not be acceptable. Content is to be editorial in nature, not advertorial or commercial.
  • Consider the spirit of the project and business etiquette.

Posts should be 400-700 words in length.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, return to the previous page and start the process!