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3 Things Needed for Startup Business Success

ideaI was asked in a radio interview what was the most important piece of advice I could give anyone starting a new business. Of course it’s the business plan and everything that goes into it. Anyone, however, can fill out …


Debt and Mental Health

The statistics below from a Royal College of Psychiatrists report show that debt is not only a financial problem it is also a major health issue:

What is the relationship between debt and mental health problems?

  • One in four

What Will You Lose in a Bankruptcy?

Well the good news is that you would not lose everything contrary to the message conveyed by some unscrupulous companies out there. In some cases it may indeed be preferable for an individual to file for bankruptcy rather than negotiate …


How to stop donating YOUR business income to Ottawa.

According to the GAO (Government Accountability Office in the United States) it is estimated that a “typical” small business person overpays their taxes by (on average) $11,000 per year. I dare say that, on average, we Canadian small business owners …


5 Ways That Small Business Can Rent Office Space Downtown Without Breaking the Bank

Most business owners would agree that one of their largest expenses is office rent. It is not uncommon for net office rental rates in quality office towers in downtown Vancouver to exceed $35 per square foot. In addition to net …


How to fall in love with the numbers

Hello entrepreneurs,

Look at that flower-shop owner, now look at me.
Look at that engineering consultant, now back at me.
Look at that restauranteur, now back to me.

Sadly, they aren’t me, but if they got into their numbers, they …