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Comfort Zone

Comfort How many folks do you know would like to make a change?  Is it just me, or are more people growing a business, changing a business, or changing how they do business?

I regularly meet people who want to be …


sex edWhat does sex have to do with business you might ask? Everything. In the last couple of weeks I did five presentations on sex, intimacy and relationships for Rapid Time Networking events…and more than a few times I found myself saying the …


How To Take Charge of Your Home Office: 5 Ideas That Really Work

By Tracy McEvoy
Is your home office working effectively for you or are you finding it a real struggle to keep focused and organized?  If you are struggling, you are not alone.  In fact, many home-based entrepreneurs have told me …


4 Must-Do’s in Setting up a Successful Alternative Medicine Practice


1.  Training and Certification:  The first thing an educated client will check in to is your level of qualification.  It’s not enough to be inspired by your craft and naturally gifted.  Achieving and maintaining the highest level of …


Air Pollution Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Article from TIME magazine – Healthland.


It’s not just an environmental hazard. Dirty air can impact health immediately after exposure.

By Alice Park | @aliceparkny | February 15, 2012 | 1

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John Millar / Getty Images

John Millar / Getty Images

In two …


On the Verge of Sleep Bankruptcy

According to recent sleep research, North Americans are accumulating sleep debt like penny-ante gamblers racking up IOUs.  During the week, instead of the recommended 8 hours, they get one hour and 6 minutes less.  Even on the weekend, it is …