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Shawn Bearman
Shawn Bearman Shawn Bearman is the CEO of Radical Ideas Coaching and a Community Partner with Rapid Time Networks in Burnaby. Her mission is to have each and every person causing radical results and being in love with life! A multiple business entrepreneur and certified coach of 15 years, Shawn brings a vitality and energy to every interaction and has developed a reputation for causing results with velocity. Shawn spent 6 years working for Landmark Education, as a Leader and Staff Member, training and developing others to "Live Life Powerfully and Live a Life They Love". Shawn sits on the Board of Directors of Pacific Initiatives, a workers' co-operative, and has managed millions of dollars in provincial funding, creating programs designed to educate and bring environmental awareness to urban areas. As a coach and facilitator Shawn works with people committed to causing Radical Results and kicking mediocrity to the curb! ... More >

Monika Becker
Monika Becker "Monika is a Personal & Business Coach, who supports her clients in their personal and professional growth, be it as employees or business owners. Through individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, presentations, Mini Retreats and Lunch & Learn sessions Monika helps her clients to align their personal and professional vision, mission & culture with their values and needs. ... More >

Gary C. Bizzo
Gary C. Bizzo Gary C. Bizzo has 30 years experience in fulfilling the growing marketing and business needs of small business. Gary is a Mentor and Business Coach to over 900 Vancouver based businesses. He consults with numerous multinationals and two foreign governments. He also writes Business articles for Business in Vancouvers Employment Paper and the Toronto Stars Media Groups Canadian Immigrant Magazine. He is a published business writer, is co-authoring a new book on Entrepreneurs and has written an eBook on Business Start-ups. ... More >


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