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Roswyn Nelson
Roswyn Nelson Roswyn is passionate about the health and wellness industry. Introducing "first to market" brands and products around North America by way of Direct Sales, then teaching and coaching her customers, clients and new distributors who join her team. She is involved with marketing core nutrition, as well as nutritional weight loss/weight management, toxin free personal care, men's and women's care, an anti-ageing/age management program, as well as a Pro line of sugar free energy drinks. Roswyn is proud to be an independent distributor for Xango, LLC. a global company committed to wellness and opportunity, open now in 45 countries. ... More >

John Nieuwenburg John Nieuwenburg is an award-winning business coach who has worked with hundreds of clients. There are almost as many different ways of delivering business coaching as there are business coaches. John coaches in 3 primary areas. Transactional: getting things done using proven tools, strategies and techniques. Transformational: working with you to make the shifts in mindset needed to facilitate success. Accountability: helping you to stay accountable for the results you have chosen that up until now may have been just a dream. ... More >


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