Are You Sure About That Double-Double?

coffeeWhy Drink Coffee?

There was a time when drinking coffee was considered bad for your health. Even today many coffee drinkers labour under this impression and often still seem reluctant to divulge how many cups of coffee they drink each …


4 Must-Do’s in Setting up a Successful Alternative Medicine Practice


1.  Training and Certification:  The first thing an educated client will check in to is your level of qualification.  It’s not enough to be inspired by your craft and naturally gifted.  Achieving and maintaining the highest level of …


Air Pollution Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Article from TIME magazine – Healthland.


It’s not just an environmental hazard. Dirty air can impact health immediately after exposure.

By Alice Park | @aliceparkny | February 15, 2012 | 1

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John Millar / Getty Images

John Millar / Getty Images

In two …