‘Hyperlocal’ Sites Deliver News without Newspapers

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What is hyperlocal anyway? 

Generally, hyper-local refers to the movement away from mass media towards niche, local markets.

Hyperlocal publishing, location based services, news, daily deals, and local advertising.   ‘The Secret’ we think it’s something that happens in your …


Common Networking Mistakes

Here is a good checklist for your local business networking.

1.       Missing opportunities.

Networking doesn’t happen just during scheduled meetings.  You could meet someone who’s a potential local business  networking contact in just about any setting.  The more prepared you …


The Rest of the Story…Getting Control!

You will recall what happened after being “Pink-Slipped” at 55+.  You could not get a job; nobody wanted you; you started your own business; you made no money; your EI ran out; you took early retirement; you started your own …


Networking – It Might Not Be What You Think It Is

To many people, business networking can seem like a daunting process. For some, just the thought of attending a local business networking event provokes enough anxiety that they avoid it altogether. The term “networking” can conjure images ranging from walking …